Professor Mart Loog is the main speaker at Estonia iGEM &ESN Science Night

🎬Estonia iGEM invites you to the ESN Tartu & IGEM Science Movie Night!
This Thursday, September 19 at 20:00, Drinkgeld Ullikoli 20. The event is free, so grab your friend and join us!⁣⁣
👩🏻‍🔬With the recent advances in synthetic biology, the sequencing of the human genome, genetically modified food there are growing debates concerning the ethics of these developments.⁣⁣ Come to the Genesis 2.0 movie night and hear more about that from the experts.⁣⁣
🎉The main speaker at this event is Primary PI of Estonia iGEM team, professor of Molecular Systems Biology, one of the creators of Science&Technology bachelor’s and Bioengineering master’s programs, where all Estonia iGEM members come from – professor Mart Loog. iGEM Estonia is happy to have him on board!⁣⁣